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Akanksha Facilities Management

Akanksha is a leading Facilities Management service provider in India. Akanksha Facilities Management brings you an experience like no other.

The company is established to provide professional solutions to clients who required third party assistance to deliver their property and facilities management needs. The structure of the company, the established operating system and the calibre of its people, enables Akanksha to provide a totally integrated suite of services to its clients.

Akanksha Facilities management is a subsidiary of S.C.S.P.L. (Well known name in the steel industry) is a facilities management service provider company started its operation in the financial year 2006-07.The company is having its corporate office in Malviya Nagar, New Delhi and its branch office at Patna, Ahemadabad and Raipur.

We offer a new and innovative approach to facilities management. We have built a first class reputation in managing facilities, delivering projects and providing facilities management consultancy to a wide range of organisations across the India.


Facilities Management

Akanksha provides workplace management solutions that are tailored to your needs and are designed to flex to your changing requirements. Our solutions can suit large facilities requiring a permanent site presence or smaller, less complex facilities that only require a mobile management solution. Whatever the size of your facilities, we will provide you with an experienced Facilities Manager.


Facilities Consultancy

AFM consultants are able to offer a range of strategic services that deliver benefit to clients' businesses. AFM consultants are able to assimilate the raft of facilities data whilst taking an impartial view of an organisation's support function. This well defined process allows comparisons to be made and an objective assessment of the opportunities for improvement. This collaborative approach enables us to work with our clients to implement the opportunities that deliver benefit to both the support function and to the core business. We passionately believe that an efficient and effective support function can deliver value to the core business and become a source of competitive advantage.



Projects are the mechanics that allow organisations to implement change in support of their evolution, but change brings both opportunity and risk. Our objectives are to capitalise on the opportunities whilst managing the risk. Our project management approach is rigorous but flexible. It is able to take account of the varying nature and needs of different projects, delivered through systems that exercise control and manage outcomes.


For over 20 years, we have been trusted by big companies below