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Architecture And interior Design

Responsible | Innovative | Close to You

We have engaged ourselves in Architecture Services for the last few years though our core competency is in Industrial plant design and detailing particularly in for the last twenty years.

We have since been empanelled with Infrastructure Development Authority (IDA) Govt. of Bihar as Architecture Design Consultant Recently we have also been empanelled as Architecture Design Consultant in – BIADA Bihar Industrial Area Development Authority Our team of Professionals consisting of Architects, Civil Electrical and Mechanical engineers possess years of hands on experience in their respective fields.

Today's Architecture projects demand innovations – both new approaches to existing challenges and new ideas for emerging technology. The engineering and surveying experts at Shiva consultancy are your trusted advisors for ensuring just that, all while delivering sustainable projects that achieve lasting results and meet regulatory parameters. Our infrastructure expertise combined with our strong client relationships give you the solutions needed to avert challenges, optimize costs, and achieve quality outcomes.
Interior Designers

Our interior designers are experienced at identifying client needs and program requirements and translating that knowledge into responsive design solutions. Communication is the key: through workshops, and client interaction as well as tapping into the extensive knowledge base found within the multiple disciplines in the firm.

Our talented architects, in close collaboration with the firm's mechanical, electrical, civil, and structural engineers, incorporate sustainable design principles into projects on an ongoing basis.


Our Services

  •     Site Analysis
  •     Strategy & Development
  •     Brief Analysis
  •     Project Scheduling & Budgeting
  •     Schematic Design
  •     Design Development
  •     Construction Documents
  •     Bidding & Negotiation
  •     Construction Administration
  •     Budget & Schedule
  •     Management
  •     Project Coordination
  •     Project Team Management
  •     Project Control Reports


For over 20 years, we have been trusted by big companies below