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Maintainance Services

"A Good Maintenance Leads To A Better Productivity"

Steel and Power Plant Operation & Maintenance Services

  •     Management of Operation & Maintenance of entire Integrated Steel Complex and Power Plants.
  •     Development and Establishment of experienced skilled and unskilled personnel.
  •     To provide Advisory services for Spare part management system
  •     To provide plant Improvement Advisory services.
  •     Running / Routine / Preventive / minor breakdown maintenance.
  •     Long Term Major maintenance work.
  •     Annual Maintenance & Overhauling & Management of AMC with OEM.
  •     Accidental repairing of any equipment.
  •     Supervision of House Keeping.
  •     Running / Routine / Preventive / minor breakdown maintenance.


Services for Existing Operating Plants

  •     Study and analysis of existing plant performance.
  •     Recommendations for improving performance and if needed design
  •     Changes / modifications to achieve / exceed rated capacity.
  •     Problem identification related with process and layout.
  •     Increase plant availability.
  •     Preparing maintenance schedule.
  •     Enhancing performance by introducing changes / balancing facilities.
  •     Reducing shutdown time.
  •     Increasing campaign life.
  •     Energy audit.
  •     Reducing cost of production.
  •     Reducing specific consumption of raw materials.
  •     Raw materials and finished stock reconciliation.
  •     Manpower planning
  •     Appraisal of manpower deployed.
  •     Identifying suitable key personnel.
  •     Sourcing of critical spares and consumables.
  •     Spares inventory.
  •     Plant waste management.


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