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Process Engineering

Process engineering encompasses a vast range of industries. Shiva Consultancy process engineering team forms an immensely important part of the strategic development of the business and these process engineering strengths, covering all market sectors across our domains, enable us to provide valuable support to our clients at an earlier stage in the development of the project. It's due to this earlier involvement that we can maximise our value to our customers.


Our team of Process Engineers collectively have a broad experience of different industries. This includes both operational experience and the design and implementation of Projects for manufacturing sites

Our objective is to offer reliable and cost effective Engineering solutions/systems to our clients across their domains. We spend enough time to understand specific project requirements and work in close tandem with our customers to address the safety, environmental, energy and automation issues early in the process design to arrive at most effective solution to their problems. Our expertise in process automation then ensures consistent product quality and plant safety. We have the expertise to handle, most of the complex engineering problems in these areas. Towards this we can utilize process simulation studies and pilot trials with our business associates.Our services include but are not limited to the following:-

  •     Concept Design and Feasibility Studies
  •     Front End Design Studies (complete with cost estimates)
  •     Flow-sheet / P& I.D. preparation and development
  •     Selection and Specification of Process Plant
  •     Process Design Safety, Risk Assessments, Risk Analysis and Consequence Assessment
  •     Co-ordination, chairing and reporting of Hazard Studies
  •     Process simulation (including dynamic effects)
  •     Environmental Assessments
  •     Relief Stream Design and Verification
  •     Process design according to Standards
  •     Design of Process Effluent and Emission Systems
  •     Plant Support and Troubleshooting
  •     Commissioning and Testing


Pre-Feasibility Studies

  •     Initiation
  •     Concept
  •     Design
  •     Development

Feasibility Studies

  •     Preliminary Design
  •     Environmental Impact Assessment and Management Plans
  •     Economic Analysis
  •     Financial Analysis

Project Planning / Project Preparation / Detailed Engineering Design

  •     Technical Specifications, Cost Estimates
  •     Safety Measures
  •     Structural Analysis & Detailed Engineering Designs and Drawings
  •     Monitoring and Scheduling
  •     Procurement Assistance
  •     Tender Documents

Institutional and Organization Strengthening / Project Management Services

  •     Capacity Building and Development
  •     Knowledge Transfer
  •     Study Tours
  •     Quality Control / Assurance
  •     Training
  •     Consultation
  •     Workshops

Construction Supervision

    Quality Control / Assurance
    Regular Supervision
    Design Review
    Billing and Tendering


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