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Quality Policy

To win consumers' confidence and loyalty, we need to consistently deliver branded products of excellent quality. We understand the different needs of our consumers and customers and strive to develop and deliver superior brands to ensure that they're the preferred choice. And by applying consistently high standards, we're able to do things right first time, cut waste, reduce costs and drive profitability.

We strive for 'excellence' by providing customized solutions, products & services that best satisfies the requirements of our Customers and continuously improve quality, reliability & service with the help of an effective Quality Management System, encompassing all statutory, regulatory, health, safety & environment requirements at our work place.

  •     ISO 9001:2008: Basic system for defining our QMS and to assess QMS effectiveness.
  •     Total Quality Management (TQM):Used to bring about overall improvement and business excellence.
  •     Six sigma:Used as a tool for systematic analysis and process improvement.

"A quality management principle is a comprehensive and fundamental rule / belief, for leading and operating an organisation, aimed at continually improving performance over the long term by focusing on customers while addressing the needs of all other stake holders".

The eight principles are:

  •     Customer-Focused Organisation
  •     Leadership
  •     Involvement of People
  •     Process Approach
  •     System Approach to Management
  •     Continual Improvement
  •     Factual Approach to Decision Making
  •     Mutually Beneficial Supplier Relationships
Putting the safety of our products and our consumers first

We have stringent mandatory quality standards in place against which compliance is verified through regular audits and self assessments. These standards ensure we design, manufacture and supply products that are safe, of excellent quality, and conform to the relevant industry and regulatory standards in the countries in which we operate. Comprehensive management procedures are in place to mitigate risks and to protect our consumers and markets.

Putting consumers and customers at the heart of our business

We actively engage our consumers and customers, translating their needs and requirements into our products and services. This is at the very heart of our innovation process.

Quality is a shared responsibility

Quality and consumer safety is the responsibility of every one and we demonstrate visible and consistent leadership to meet this policy. The drive for quality, in all that we do, is a passion reflected in our work and is also expected of our business partners. We partner with stakeholders to provide leadership, promote transparency and share best practice. And we've forged effective working relationships with suppliers and contract manufacturers.


Building and maintaining excellent systems to ensure the quality and safety of our products

We're proactively and continuously developing our systems and processes to ensure quality and safety throughout the whole value chain, and we're setting a benchmark for the business. We provide appropriate training and resources, and will ensure that we deliver our quality objectives and targets. We regularly measure and improve our performance using both internal and external measures.
We actively promote our Quality Policy and have a quality assurance organisation in place to ensure consistency and visibility of quality standards, processes and performance indicators across all businesses at all levels, and to anticipate and develop future quality capability requirements.




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