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Talent Access

Human Resource. It's an exciting industry to be in, at Talent Access, we recognise that the most powerful driver of sustainable success is people. By creating strong, long-term relationships with our clients we gain a clear understanding of their business needs and what makes their people both unique and successful. Our experience extends across a broad range of industrial sectors including both private and public companies. We work with all sizes of organisations and with all types of occupations - from shop floor workers and specialist job roles, through to managerial and board level positions. All support we offer are co-ordinated by our professional, fully trained and independent staff. By remaining incessantly customer focussed, we will ensure that you receive a high quality, affordable service, including risk free recruitment and assessment that guarantees a maximum return on your human resource investment. Our investment is to roll up our sleeves to make sure you're successful. By backing ourselves, we're backing the companies we work with.

It's our people who make our business grow and excel. In-depth knowledge. Valuable insights. Precision in understanding. Our network is cast further and wider each awakening day. To create a benchmark for quality 'people-search-people' solutions, we approach and conduct each executive search assignment with prudent, perceptive and conscientious validation. With the right people in the right environment, we are able to achieve the right excellence with total integrity.


Extensive Networking

With a vast network that has the intricate contacts of all industries, our team of consulting managers are enabled with an executive search roadmap that produces a list of potential candidates . This greatly improves the chances of success through the contacting of only relevant candidates with trusted parties serving as their references.


Database File Search

With a concrete business establishment that spans years of successful operations, we have accumulated an enormous database of resume records that match the prerequisites of our clients. Much of these records are proprietary to us due to the trustworthiness we have assured and gained from our candidates, prompting their willingness to input their credentials onto our database.


Systematic Headhunting

Every organization is looking for champions, but not all champions are looking for them. Setting this in motion, we have derived effective executive search strategies. One of which is to conduct a systematic headhunt for talented individuals from related industries: sharing and presenting to them the opportunities, challenges and excitements of the assignments. In another words, plausible reasons to consider a career switch..


Advertised Selection

After a consultation with our clients, we would propose possible media whom our clients could choose to place advertisements with to gain maximum exposure. With internal and external resources adept in the creative and media industry, we can aid clients to advertise for the right caliber of candidates through our professional recruitment writings and employer's branding in these selected media.


For over 20 years, we have been trusted by big companies below